$MBE Span Chain Bridge

Assets such as BTC, ETH and Stablecoin can be mapped to MBE-Ultimate via the Asset Bridge. this is achieved by locking a certain number of tokens on the original chain and then generating a corresponding number of tokens on the MBE-Ultimate mainnet.


For the various application scenarios to be opened by MBE, a single chain cannot meet the needs of the ecology. Along with the implementation of diversified NFT scenarios and chain tour scenarios, multiple sub-chains of MBE are inevitable.
The subnet function of MBE platform supports the creation of subchains on the blockchain, and each subchain can add different institutional members and nodes to provide convenience for subsequent business isolation, thus ensuring data security.
What is a sub-chain It is a concept relative to the mother chain MBE, which is simply understood as a blockchain built on the basis of the underlying mother chain, and the chain on the chain is the child chain. The child chain will inherit the ecological background of MBE, and will continue to extend on the basis of MBE.
Characteristics of child chain
1、Sub-chain is the representative of each industry or vertical field of blockchain, and it is also the collective name of various blockchain projects in each field.
2、When a sub-chain is created, the information of the sub-chain will be recorded in the parent chain, that is, the data must rely on the parent chain for preservation, validation, traceability, etc.
3、The child chain has the characteristics of efficient processing ability, convenience and speed, and wide coverage.