$MBE-DEFI Financial Model

The financial industry is a key development area for blockchain technology applications, with more than one-third of blockchain projects categorized as DeFi. Based on the academic definition of finance and classified according to the BICS (Blockchain Industry Classification Standard), at least 38% of the current top 1000 pass-throughs by market capitalization have direct applications serving the financial industry, including non-banking finance, wallets MBE is building a new DeFi platform, which will be available to the public in the future.
MBE is at the forefront of the DeFi space by creating a new DeFi financial model with the introduction of "LP Centralized Liquidity", an approach that allows LPs to provide liquidity in a specific price range, rather than having to accept liquidity across the entire price range (0-X) as other decentralized trading models do. "Concentrated LP liquidity" amplifies the gains and impermanent losses of LPs, making this a new and more efficient LP model.
MBE new DeFi model reduces impermanent losses and allows users to escape the LP two-pool trap