❔What is the $MBE ecosystem?

MBE is a new metaverse crypto digital ecology, an updated iteration on the basis of the traditional blockchain ecology, issuing new digital Token and opening up more brand new application scenarios. The MBE community has carried out a reform of the traditional financial sector, aiming to reform the entire blockchain market.

The community issued a new digital token of the same name, CIRCLE, which deepens the depth of the DeFi domain and builds a new consensus concept and pass-through economic model of the metaverse game ecology.

MBE utilizes a highly autonomous community with its own circulating currency, allowing users to build new content, socialization, order and economy in a world of their own.

MBE establishes a new set of game play and LP pledge mining operation model, aiming to build a decentralized metaverse ecosystem of DeFi+Web3.0+Chain Tour+NFT.

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