MBE Metaverse ecosystem mainly consists of four segments: NFT, Gamefi, DeFi, Web3, etc. On the basis of the four segments, a new LP pledge mining operation model is established, in which players can acquire NFT through blind boxes, and the acquired NFT can be traded through the DeFi system, and players can use MBE's Web3 social scene to create the Meta space where their characters are located.
MBE builds an efficient, open, and interoperable platform that enables a dynamic new economy, serving digital assets, chain tours, the meta-universe, and many other applications, making MBE a first-class global aggregation ecological platform and the infrastructure of the meta-universe, promoting the NFT revolution and forming an open digital economy through an open digital economic ecology.
The ultimate vision of MBE is to build a new virtual metaverse world where players can collaborate to create virtual worlds and games without the need for centralized governance